Gibsons Landing Harbour Authority (GLHA) is a non-profit, locally controlled organization whose board of directors have links with the community.

The Harbour Authority Program is seen as an efficient and economical way of offering services to the commercial fishers, strengthening public investment in harbour, and providing opportunities to participate in the planning, operation and maintenance of the harbour facilities.

Our Mission:
To operate a well managed and maintained public, commercial fishing harbour.

Our vision:
A welcoming and safe haven set within the natural beauty of a historic, vibrant, working harbour.

Our Values:
The environment, the natural beauty and setting of the Landing, our local history, safety, communications and our relationship with DFO, the Town of Gibsons and the community.


In May of 1998, the GLHA was formed to manage the federally owned small craft harbour located in Gibsons, B.C.

Over the past 14 years, the staff and board of directors have focused on providing their harbour users with a safe, well-maintained, well-run public marine facility. The harbour’s board and management having reached the goals set out in the 5 year plan, are now interested in expanding our undertaking.

GLHA has recognized that there is a strong user demand of the harbour not only from the Sunshine Coast residents, but from the Lower Mainland and surrounding communities as well. These users are extremely diverse with strong representation from the commercial fishing, marine commercial and recreational/tourism sectors.

The exceptional location, attractive facility and breadth of services offered at GLHA have made it a desirable berthing site. Commercial fishing boats are present in the winter, early spring and late fall, while transient pleasure craft occupy their berths during the warm summer months.

Since it’s founding, GLHA has performed well from both an operational and financial perspective. Additionally, GLHA has been highly successful in obtaining financial support from Community Futures, Federal government and private agencies in order to fund capital investment and facility expansions.

GLHA has observed their revenue base grow to include a variety of users while adequately meeting the needs of commercial fishers. While some of the harbours in the Pacific region have experienced a decline in the number of commercial fishers due to changes in the commercial fishery, GLHA has continued to have a high percentage of year round home port vessels which provides for a steady and predictable revenue stream from year to year.

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